Homeless Connect mini-MOM Project

2019 Homeless Connect Mission of Mercy

November 12, 2019

Greater Richmond Convention Center, 403 N. Third Street, Richmond, VA 23219

The Virginia Dental Association and VCU School of Dentistry and Dental Hygiene partner in November to provide free dental care to individuals experiencing homelessness. Homeward, the Greater Richmond region's planning and coordinating agency for homeless services, organizes annual Dominion Project Homeless Connect. Richmond area homeless patients are seen for dental exams, cleanings and extractions. Through the four Homeless Connect mini-MOM projects since 2011, 367 patients have received $140,919 in free dental services.

Contact Information

Contact Information

Barbara Rollins, Director of Logistics, MOM


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Virginia Dental Association

Virginia Dental Association Foundation

VCU School of Dentistry and Dental Hygiene


Patient Information

In 2019, the Homeless Connect mini-MOM project will be held at the Greater Richmond Convention Center, 403 N. Third Street, Richmond, VA 23219 on Tuesday, November 12. Adults experiencing homelessness will be seen on a first-come first-served basis for dental exam and cleanings OR extractions. Please be prepared to wait in long lines. Clinic hours are Tuesday, 8am-4pm.

Volunteer Information

Volunteers will receive information by email concerning details of the clinic day. Volunteers should arrive at the Convention Center by 7:30 a.m. Scrubs and comfortable shoes would be appropriate attire for the day. Lunch is provided on site for volunteers and patients.

Volunteer registration is currently open. Help is needed in all areas. Your support is greatly appreciated!

Wish to make a donation?Donate Online, or

Make check payable to "VDA Foundation" and note "MOM Project" on the memo line.
Mail donations to:
VDA Foundation
Attn: MOM
3460 Mayland Court, Suite 300
Richmond, VA 23233
Thank you!!

Vdaf Success Stories


C. C.

Culpeper, Virginia

C.C., a veteran, needed dentures to help with glycemic control for management of his diabetes. Once our DDS volunteer dentist had completed full upper and lower dentures for C.C., he could not only eat a healthier diet but was thrilled that his beloved grandchildren were no longer frightened of his appearance and now happy to be near him!

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