Due to the many uncertainties we have all been coping with around health concerns, financial tumult, and upheaval in our daily lives, we felt a responsibility to connect with all of you about how the crisis is affecting the VDA Foundation.

Event Postponements/Cancellations

It is important that we keep our staff, volunteers, and communities safe. In an abundance of caution due to the COVID-19 pandemic, several events in 2020 were cancelled or postponed. Please stay up to date on our current dental outreach events by checking the Mission of Mercy events page regularly. We are mindful of COVID-19's risk (especially to vulnerable populations) and want to limit potential exposure to both our patients and volunteers. We very much anticipate resuming traditional Mission of Mercy events at a future date.

Remote Working

Also in order to keep our people safe, VDAF staff are all working remotely. As we implement this temporary practice, know that we are prepared and we will remain as responsive to you as if we were in the office.

Program Pivots

At this time of incredible uncertainty, anxiety, and disruption, we at the VDAF are actively looking to assess community need and pivot, where appropriate, from our typical dental outreach work. With dental practices providing only emergent care at this time, and struggling with very real concerns about their practices and the welfare of their staff, now is the time for us to offer new ways to help.

While our MOM projects are currently on hold, we are currently working alongside the VDA, Virginia Dept. of Health, the Virginia Department of Emergency Management and the Virginia Hospital and Healthcare Association on shortages and needs for donated PPE and have begun donating PPE that would typically have been used in Mission of Mercy clinics. We are also assisting our dental volunteers to help aid the effort by both providing unused PPE while their regular operations are on hold, but also by referring them to opportunities to aid with the demand for overall health care providers. VDAF staff member This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. is working as a liaison to connect volunteers, donors, and those in need across Virginia around the PPE shortage. The VDA Hub is serving as a central portal for donations and requests for PPE for the dental community.

Resources for Relevant COVID-19 Information

The VDA has created a COVID-19 Hub web page with guidelines as they develop to help ensure that any providers treating emergent patients will have the most up-to-date information on how to do so safely. Please refer to this resource often.

The Virginia Health Catalyst has also created a helpful resource page for those in the oral health community striving to navigate this new environment.

Finally, thank you for your continued partnership with the VDAF. During this time it is so important that we stay informed, follow expert guidance, and remember the needs of those who will struggle the most through this difficult time. Take good care of yourselves, and keep your neighbors in your heart. Together, we will emerge stronger from this.


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