Sharon Murphy

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Program Assistant - Donated Dental Services (DDS)

Sharon Murphy, our newest member of VDAF, has been involved with the community almost her entire life. While growing up in New Jersey, she was one of the youngest volunteers with the Head Start Program. She was 12, but she knew it was fun, and it helped kids.

While working on a Sociology degree, she raised four children, and graduated in 2004. Sharon has called Richmond home for almost 25 years and loves every part of it. Through volunteer opportunities, she has been able to better understand and appreciate our community’s commonalities and areas for growth.

After receiving her degree, she applied her knowledge of the community, its resources, and her energy to positions with HomeAgain, Big Brothers Big Sisters and OAR of Richmond in case management capacities. In addition to a love for helping others reach their goals, she likes to read, write, experiment with baking, and sit around the dinner table with all her kids and grandkids.

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