John Wheelock

John Wheelock

John Wheelock

Board of Directors, Virginia Dental Association Foundation

John Wheelock is a dental student at Virginia Commonwealth University. He is from Roanoke, VA and graduated from Virginia Tech in 2013 with a bachelor's of science in Civil and Environmental Engineering. He will graduate dental school in 2020. Serving communities around Virginia as a MOM coordinator is something he holds very dear, as volunteering for the first time helped fuel his desire to attend dental school. John’s hobbies include playing bluegrass music at jams around Richmond and spending time with friends and family.

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Joan-Johnson-with-Dr.-Swanson November-2014


Fredericksburg, Virginia

J.J. needed assistance with getting the dental services she needed to improve her oral and overall health. In July of 2014 she turned to DDS for help. We were able to match her with a volunteer dentist to complete a treatment plan and a few days before Thanksgiving, J.J.’s dentures were delivered! Truly a wonderful gift for J.J. and the volunteer dentist!

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