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The Mission of Mercy (MOM) projects are conducted in identified, underserved areas of the state where there are not enough dental practitioners to adequately address the oral health needs of the community.

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An estimated 3.8 million Virginians - more than 47% of our total population - do not have dental insurance according to the Virginia Health Care Foundation. Sixty-nine (69) localities in the Commonwealth have no dental safety net provider. Of the 66 localities that do, many of the clinics operate on a part-time basis and are overwhelmed by the number of calls for help. Without access to affordable dental care, many people -- especially those who are low-income, underinsured, disabled or seniors -- are left to suffer pain, discomfort, and embarrassment with nowhere else to turn. To address the overwhelming need for access to free oral health care, Dr. Terry Dickinson, executive director of the Virginia Dental Association, created the Mission of Mercy (MOM) program in 2000 to provide high-quality dental care for underserved Virginians. The MOM program operates mobile clinics in strategic locations across the State, providing preventive, restorative, and surgical dental treatments to more than 4,000 low-income individuals each year.



2016 Northern Virginia MOM Project: March 11-12, 2016 DETAILS
2016 Virginia Beach MOM Project: April 30, 2016 DETAILS
2016 Special Olympics MOM Project: June 10-11, 2016 DETAILS
2016 Wise MOM Project: July 22-24, 2016 DETAILS
2016 Grundy MOM Project: October 1-2, 2016 DETAILS
2016 Homeless Connect Project: 2016 Date to be determined

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R. W.

My teeth were in very bad shape. I had no back teeth on either side of my mouth and my front teeth started breaking in half. I was in a lot of pain, always biting my tongue and lips and had a hard time eating. Donated Dental Services agreed to help me. I am so grateful for my dentist (and oral surgeon). My dentist made me a beautiful set of teeth! They were perfect and looked just like my real teeth. Beautiful! Thank you to my Donated Dental Services volunteer dentist(s), their generosity, caring and giving me teeth to ea
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